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About Us

Gilbert Farms is family owned and operated since 1987. Brad and Lynn started with a small 7 acer farm in Clackamas with just a few brahman cows, and now have an 80 acre ranch and 100 acre farm where most of the haylage is produced. The new farms have allowed us to become vertically intergraded by producing our own hay, haylage and grain. We produce about 1000 bales of hay/haylage each year. The haylage is pasture mix grass and oat/pea mix. For bedding in the barns and for outside we bale 300-400 bales of straw every other year.  This allows the cattle to have a clean environment to live in. When cattle have quality living environment they tend to get sick less, grow faster and overall do better. We love happy cows!

Our Story: About Us

Brad and Lynn Gilbert



Angela Rose

Ranch Manager

Our Story: Meet the Team
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