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F-1 Brangus

We breed F-1 Brangus (1/2 Brahman 1/2 Angus) for their ability to thrive in our environment. They do well in the cold, rainy winters and excel during the hot dry summers here in great Northwest. Hybrid vigor is the reason they are about to achieve their adaptability.
HYBRID VIGOR: Defined by the ABBA-
The American Brahman excels in adding hybrid vigor to their offspring when crossed with other breeds, resulting in more money in your pocket as a beef producer. Hybrid vigor (or “heterosis”) is an animal breeding or genetics term that is achieved by crossing two different strains, varieties, breeds or species. In the cattle world, maximum hybrid vigor is obtained by crossing totally unrelated animals, achieving the “best of both worlds”.

Because of this added hybrid vigor, the use of Brahman bulls with European or English breed cows is one of the most popular crossbreeding practices in the United States, with the resulting Brahman F-1 calf in high demand by cattlemen for replacement females or feeders in the feedlot.

Years of crossbreeding research has consistently shown that ranchers get higher levels of heterosis when you cross a Brahman with a British or Continental breed compared to just breeding British or Continental breeds to each other. Because of this, Brahman cattle are often referred to as crossbreeding’s common denominator. The Brahman F-1 cross is consistently superior to other crosses in weight per day of age and carcass efficiency. The Brahman F-1 is also very popular because these cattle display many important characteristics of their Brahman parent, such as drought resistance, heat tolerance, disease and parasite resistance and increased longevity.

F-1 Brangus: Welcome
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